It was kind of a surprise when Marvel Studios decided to use the Punisher in Daredevil season 2, and it was kind of a surprise when they cast Jon Bernthal to play the part of the shoot first/no questions later vigilante Frank Castle. But the success of Daredevil, and the success of Bernthal’s portrayal, gave Marvel an opening: maybe they could finally have a solo Punisher adventure that won’t suck. We don’t when, we don’t know how, but apparently the new Punisher series is currently in production in New York City, if a spy picture of a grizzled Bernthal on the street is to be believed.

Just Jared got the scoop on the streets of NYC, where Bernthal is either shooting The Punisher or the next Hobo with a Shotgun.

Obviously, Just Jared’s assertion that this is The Punisher being shot is utterly unconfirmed. Other than Bernthal reprising the title role, we haven’t really heard anything about the show in the way of co-stars, or even a showrunner, so either Marvel is keeping the details of The Punisher on the super-down low, or Bernthal is doing something entirely different, and given the fact that he’s a very in-demand actor, the latter seems the more likely.

Netflex announced earlier today that Iron Fist will come out on March 17, 2017, and the presumption has been that the next series on the Netflix checklist is The Defenders. We know who’s showunning that one, and it’s the Daredevil season two duo of Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez. Now interestingly, IMDb does list Bernthal in the credits for Defenders, so it would be more likely that if he’s shooting a Marvel thing, it could be for The Defenders, but IMDb has been known to be wrong occasionally. Long story short: Bernthal was photographed in New York with a beard and wearing a hoodie/ball cap combo. We don’t know why.

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