When it comes to comic book movies, some actors completely nail their character and are forever entwined with that role. Robert Downey Jr. comes to mind for his portrayal of Tony Stark in the Marvel Studios films. Ben Affleck looks like it will be the same for him playing Batman after nailing it in one try for the DC films. Of course, when it comes to capturing the iconic roles, none have done it better than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in all of Fox’s X-Men films. Even though he is gigantic compared to his comic book counterpart he’s essentially Wolverine, and no one can replace him in the role. Fox pretty much build their X-Men cinematic universe around his character as he has been in more movies than any of the other characters. They even swapped Kitty Pride for him in the Days of Future Past film. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After playing as Wolverine in more than 8 films, Jackman is ready to hang up his claws. His final appearance as Wolverine will be in the upcoming third solo Wolverine film.

Rumors have said that the film will center on the “Old Man Logan” storyline from the comics and there have been some on set photos of him looking the part. It is also rumored that Wolverine’s clone, X-23 will appear in the film. We know that Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as the elder Charles Xavier and that the big bad guy being Mr. Sinister. Much hasn’t been said about the actual plot of the film. There hasn’t even been an official title of the film, until know…

Jackman promised his fans via social media that he will reveal some big news surrounding the upcoming film and today he and Fox officially announced the title of the third Wolverine film.


The official title of the third Wolverine film will be Logan, based off of the name that he has gone by through much of comic book cannon.

Although his official name is James Howlett, he has gone through most of the comic books since he was introduced in the late 1970s as simply Logan. It’s a fitting way to end the story of Wolverine by making the title of the final movie his name. The poster shows him with his extended claws with what appears to be a young child holding his hands. Could this possibly be a young X-23? Will this film be about an Older Wolverine showing his new clone the ropes as Wolverine? Will he have the Obi-Wan role this time around? Time will tell.

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