One of Netflix‘s biggest hits in maybe its entire history of creating content, Stranger Things burst into popular culture like it was on a mission. A tribute to the greatest shows and movies of the 1980s, it starred a lovable cast that was brilliantly written and acted. It reminded the world why Winona Ryder is such a special actor and introduced what is sure to be the next generation of celebrity darling through Mike, Eleven and their friends. It’s no wonder a second season of the show was commissioned just a matter of weeks after the first went live.

David Harbour, who played Sheriff Jim Hopper in the first season, and Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven, were part of a panel at New York Comic Con this weekend. Though for the most part they talked about what it was like on set during the first season, they couldn’t quite resist dropping a few hints about what we an expect from the impending second season.

The first handful of scripts have already been given to the cast and Harbour says it’s going to be “insane”.

He promises that the second season will tie up the loose ends surrounding Barb’s mysterious disappearance, which caused her mother about five minutes of concern in the first season and then seemed to be promptly forgotten when everyone else got their happy ending. Harbour also says that the new season will go into more detail about the Sheriff’s past and his relationship with his daughter, who died of cancer long before the show began. The love triangle between Nancy, Steve and Jonathan will be continued as well, with the tension built up in the first season still a juicy little subplot.

It has still not been confirmed whether or not Eleven will return to show after her epic sacrifice at the end of the first season. It would make sense to keep her in, since Millie Bobby Brown has become something of a media sweetheart since Stranger Things exploded in popularity. There are rumours floating around that the Sheriff might adopt Eleven in the next season, fuelled by the glimpse in the last episode of Hopper leaving Eggos out in the woods – perhaps so Eleven has something to eat, perhaps as a tribute to another lost girl…

When asked what he thought about the theory, Harbour said the idea sounded like it would provide a “rich emotional arc” that would be worth exploring, but didn’t confirm it as canon.

No one has offered even an estimate for when the second season will be out.

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