If San Diego Comic Con is like the Christmas season for comic book movie news, then New York Comic Con is like your birthday weekend. Earlier today, Iron Fist star Finn Jones posted a video on Instagram talking about how the show had just wrapped. Then, just moments ago, the trailer for the first season dropped. Of course, you can check that out after the jump. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Iron Fist, “15 years ago, Danny [Rand] was involved in a plane crash and presumed dead. But when he resurfaces in New York, his friends and enemies discover that not only is he very much alive, he wields the awesome power of the Iron Fist.”

Here is the trailer for the first season of Netflix’s Iron Fist:

One of the big questions fans will most likely have is if Danny will dawn the famous outfit that Iron Fist is known for wearing. As of right now, there is no official news, but it was good to see the symbol on his chest at the end of the clip. Remember, these are modern adaptations of their stories. With that being said, there’s a good chance he won’t be wearing the green and gold. But you should still keep a keen eye out for it somewhere. The creators love to sneak in things like that. For example, there were a lot of questions if Luke Cage would dawn his classic 1970’s outfit with the large metal headband. In a modern telling, the headband has no place, but during the trailer for the show, Luke could be seen wearing something similar to his head and wristbands from the comic as he emerged from the tank he was experimented on; as if it were an homage to the classic look from the comic books. Maybe the same will be done for Danny in Iron Fist.

The show will also star David Wenham as Harold Meachum, Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey as Harold’s children Joy and Ward Meachum, and Jessica Henwick plays Colleen Wing. You can also expect familiar faces like Carrie-Anne Moss to reprise her role as Jeri Hogarth as well as Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple.

Iron Fist is the final member of The Defenders to arrive on the streaming service. That series will begin shooting some time next year and it’s expected that the lead heroes from each of the four shows will take part in it. Iron Fist will debut on Netflix in March 17, 2017.

Source: Slashfilm

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