It was much to the disappointment of the small but dedicated band of Agent Carter fans that the series was cancelled by ABC earlier this year. For two seasons, the 1940s-set adventures of SSR Agent Peggy Carter as she saved the world despite the chauvinistic attitudes of her superiors and co-workers gave many Marvel fans the female hero they wanted and needed, and for a time, it was good, but not good enough it seems. Well, for all those missing Agent Carter it will do your heart good to know that Agent Carter herself will be back in the very near future, and while you won’t be able to see Hayley Atwell in the role, you’ll at least be able to hear her.

It was announced over the weekend that the DisneyXD series Marvel’s Avengers Assemble will change its name for the upcoming fourth season to Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars. But more important than that, there will be a time travel episode where Captain America and Iron Man must team up with Agent Carter and Howard Stark (presumably in the post-war 40s) to stop Kang the Conqueror. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if Stephen Collins will reprise the role of Howard Stark, he voiced the character on the show in 2014.

In another interesting note, Atwell will not be the first person to voice their big screen, live-action Marvel character on Avengers, J.K. Simmons has voiced J. Jonah Jameson four times on the show, most recently in last year’s “Days of Future Smash, Part 4: The Hydra Years” (of course he also voice JJJ on Ultimate Spider-Man). Adrian Pasdar, who plays Gen. Talbot on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., also voices Tony Stark on Avengers, while Seth Green, who voiced Howard the Duck in Guardians of the Galaxy, played Rocket Raccoon in an episode. So Atwell’s in good company, and unlike her current job on ABC’s Conviction, she’ll get to use her natural accent.

Avengers: Secret Wars will air sometime next year on Disney XD.

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