Doctor Strange has always been a trippy comic book. Back in the 60’s legendary Marvel artist Steve Ditko took readers to places only found in dreams and nightmares. Strange places that defied logic and normalcy, it was almost like Ditko was trying to visually depict a psychedelic acid trip. In this latest Doctor Strange Featurette, Kevin Feige, Scott Derrickson and Benedict Cumberbatch talk about translating Ditko’s artistic style to the big screen and how Doctor Strange fits into the larger Marvel universe.ditko_drstrange_landscape-0

Doctor Strange is opening new worlds to the Marvel Universe, whole new dimensions really, filled with ancient, terribly powerful creatures that would like nothing more than to bathe in the blood of our dimension.

It is easy to see Ditko’s influence in the clips from Doctor Strange above. That one scene looks like it was ripped right from the page of Ditko’s work below.


November 4th can’t get here fast enough for this NerdBastard, how about you?


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