While everyone was expecting to see the first footage from The Dark Tower later this month at Entertainment Weekly‘s Popfest, it appears that someone at Sony decided to post an unfinished version of the international trailer to their personal Vimeo page. Now, with the Internet being the Internet, this trailer is loose in the wild, never to be caged again. At least until the lawyers get those C&D emails flowing. So grab a look at the adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower trailer before we’re asked to take it down. It’s easy to imagine that whoever did this is going to be easy to find and will soon be running from their own personal man in black when Sony’s lawyers get on the case.

What did you think? We all know that there were going to be big differences from the book to the big screen, but do you think it captured the spirit of the books?

We’ll get the polished version with special effects later this month, although one could hope that Sony might just release it now if it is ready. Until then we’ll just look forward to director Nikolaj Arcel‘s attempt to bring it to the big screen on February 17th, 2017.

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