Stan Lee has often said that the reason Marvel movies do so well at the Box Office is because of his famous cameos – stating that audiences will see a movie twice just so that can spot the “All Father” of comics inserted in the picture. Well, when it comes to the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, it appears Marvel may only get single viewings out of fans. Cats out of the bag. Stan Lee’s cameo in Doctor Strange has been revealed.  

Last night, Marvel invited fans to watch a special 15-minute IMAX preview of their highly-anticipated Phase Three adventure Doctor Strange. Part of this footage included the new Stan Lee cameo.

The 15 minute preview showed an “epic foot chase” with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). During this chase, they collide into a bus, which is where we see Stan Lee.

****WARNING: SPOILERS**** attended the sneak preview last night. They described the scene as follows:

“In what looks like one of the most epic foot chases in cinematic history, Doctor Strange and Mordo are running down streets, up building sides, and across the sky as the world warps around them. After Kaecilius bends the building on which Mordo and Strange are running, they fall to the ground and into the side of a bus. As they fall, the camera angle switches to a point of view from inside the bus, revealing Stan Lee reading Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception. As Strange and Mordo smash into the bus’ window, Lee bursts out saying, ‘Now, that’s hilarious!’ until the camera swaps again and the chase continues.”

Has Stan Lee’s cameo been ruined? Eh, knowing what to expect and experiencing them are two different things. Knowing what to look for, doesn’t stop one’s inner fan-boy from going “Ha! That’s Stan Lee” when he pops up on screen.  As far as seeing the movie twice, obviously Stan Lee is not the sole reason Marvel movies do so well – it’s character, charm, and action that makes for a repeat formula. Stan Lee, however, is 94 years old. He’s only got so many cameos left. Though, last month, Kevin Feige revealed in a Q&A session that Stan Lee recently shot four cameos over one day in Atlanta for “various projects,” with the producer stating that the cameos are all “awesome” and “totally different”. So there are a few more years left, thank the maker. But, still, there will come a day when Marvel starts making movies and there will be no Stan Lee to accompany them. So, yeah, seeing a movie just for Stan Lee… the All-Father might not be so wrong after all.

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