One of the horror genre’s most iconic murderers, Freddy Kreuger is a nightmare of a character who transcends the normal constraints of fiction. First appearing in A Nightmare on Elm Street back in 1984, he has both starred and cameod in numerous films and made appearance in TV shows, comic books and video games. He even has his own playable character in Mortal Kombat. But perhaps the most telling thing about his legacy is that you don’t need to have seen anything he’s been in to know about him – or to be terrified one of what he might do to you if you ever see him.

After haunting society for so long, you’d be forgiven for thinking that people might be running out of ideas for Freddy. In his thirty plus years, he’s crept through the dreams of dozens, killed most of them and – it is heavily suggested in the later movies – was just as evil in his life as a child molester.

What else could he do now that so, so much has already been done? What could the writers who create him and the actors who play him do to make him scarier?

Robert Englund, the first person to portray the knife-knuckled killer, revealed what he would love to do with the character in a recent interview with Florida Today:

“If I was in control of my own Nightmare on Elm Street movie, I have an idea I would have liked to see. I thought it would be great if the children of previous victims, or just kids who grew up hearing stories about Freddy Krueger, were each haunted by their own version of Freddy Krueger. Kids who grew up hearing stories about this Freddy Krueger guy and the awful things he did envisioned him in their own way, and that is the version that begins to haunt them. Some people may picture him as stout, another might envision him as tall & thin, another with a different hat, or a different sweater. He could have different gloves, or even a glove with small razor blades as referred to in the first movie. It would be neat to see very different interpretations of Freddy Krueger based on the child’s vision of who or what Freddy was to them. After all, each person’s subconscious would picture him in a totally different way.”

Englund played Kreuger from 1984 until 2010 and it sounds like he’s really got into the head of character. In the original movies, the location of each character’s nightmare was specific to their own dream. It would make sense to see that same logic applied to the nightmare man they fear, and it would allow Freddy’s reign of terror to go on, technically, forever.

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