When it was announced that Ben Affleck was going to play Batman, the internet nearly folded in on itself. Some were willing to give it a chance. If Heath Ledger could come out of no where, why couldn’t Ben Affleck do the same thing. Of course, the doubters out numbered the willing. According to some, Ledger was a once in a million event, or Affleck was just too terrible to be given an opportunity. However, it’s been several years since then. Who knew back then that Affleck would turn out to be a good Batman? And now it’s time to start talking about how his solo Batman film will start filming in 2017.

News of the filming date broke when Joe Manganiello (who is set to play Deathstroke) let it out that he’s getting ready to start filming next Spring. Thanks to this little announcement, it’s be deduced that the release date for the film has been estimated sometime in the fall of 2018 or the spring of 2019. Keep in mind, though, that these are rough estimates. In fact, it’s still not even certain that the film will even happen. When asked about the project, Affleck has been reluctant to give any details. Some would say that he and Warner Bros. are waiting to get things just right. Whether it’s the script or the budget, they don’t want to mess this one up.

For fans, it can be a little annoying, but if waiting means for a better product, then why complain? The DC Universe film schedule should be enough to keep you busy until then. Here is a list of the next expected DC Extended Universe films:

Wonder Woman June 2, 2017

Justice League November 17, 2017

The Flash March 16, 2018

Aquaman July 27, 2018

There’s an untitled film schedule for October 5, 2018 with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg signed on as producers. That could be the untitled Batman film or it could be something else. It would make sense since it’s expected that Shazam will be released on April 5, 2019. As of right now, nothing is confirmed.

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