Ready For A Darker & Scarier ‘Jurassic World 2?’


Jurassic World was one of last year’s surprising hits. The nostalgia-fueled, semi-reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise is one of the top grossing movies of all time, making more than $1.67 billion worldwide ($652 million domestic). It’s a no-brainer that a sequel to the film would be greenlit. Next year we will be getting Jurassic World 2 hitting theaters June 22, 2018. Colin Trevorrow will not be returning to direct the film as he’ll be busy with Star Wars: Episode IX. However, director Juan Antonio Bayona will be taking over directing duties, and he offered a few details for the upcoming film.

While promoting his latest film A Monster Calls, Bayona advised that the film will be taking a darker and scarier turn for the upcoming Jurassic World sequel.

“It will be darker and scarier than the previous film. Obviously when you have Chris Pratt, it will also be very funny. But it will be darker. It is a second step in a trilogy, and the second step is always dark as in The Empire Strikes Back or the Wrath of Khan,’ which are the examples you always get. The film takes the story where it has never been before. To me, it surprised me. We are going to places where the saga has never been before, and at the same time we are paying tribute to the franchise. We will take it a step further. There are things that will happen that people are not expecting and they really are shocking.”

Thanks to Pratt, Jurassic World did have a few light moments. It will be an interesting balancing act of comedy and horror to see him and Bayona pull off. Trevorrow did advise that the sequel will deal with tough issues like animal abuse and medical experimentation, so having dinosaurs strike back violently shouldn’t be a surprise. The sequel might also take place on the mainland as well. If dinosaurs are off island and running amok, it most certainly will be much darker than previous installments. An official description for next year’s film hasn’t been given, but they are already planning for a third film.

Source: Movieweb

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