Saved By The Bell was one of the most iconic television shows if you were a kid growing up in  late 80’s/early 90’s. A show about a group of kids who went to high school together. The show had it all. It was funny, a beautiful cast, and even dealt with some real life issues that could affect anyone their age. Who could forget the time when Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) got hooked on caffeine pills? Then, of course, there were the notable set locations: the lockers, the classrooms, Mr. Belding’s office, and The Max. Now, thanks to a passionate owner, you and your friends can visit The Max located in Chicago.

Based on pictures taken from inside the restaurant, it looks to be an exact, wall-to-wall replica. From the booths to the door frame, its like walking into your television set and into the world of Saved By The Bell. And it doesn’t stop there. A closer look at the pictures shows that the restaurant continues beyond the first set of booths into another section.

Mario Lopez (who played A.C. Slater) visited the his former hang-out spot and took some video shots which he later posted to his Instagram account. You can check them out right here:

Had to cruise by this SBTB diner while in town… #Chicago

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What’s up with this puppy jersey in my locker?! #SBTBDiner #Chicago

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Attention to detail is hilarious… #SBTBDiner #Chicago

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As you can see, the moment you walk in, you’re thrown right into the halls of Bayside High. There’s even a corner dedicated to Mr. Belding’s office. Even more impressive is the menu which has some witty items named after characters and moments from the show. Are you interested in some “Mac and Screech?” How about some “A.C. Sliders?” So how about it? Are you and your friends up for a trip to The Max in Chicago?

Source: Nerdist

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