This past Wednesday, the first press screenings for Doctor Strange were held in New York and Los Angeles. Once midnight hit, the social media press embargo was lifted and many were free to tweet their thoughts away about the next Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film before it arrives early next month nationwide. Members of the press are not able to publish their reviews until this Sunday. However, their tweets are telling about how they feel about the movie.

The overall impression is that the film will be a visual masterpiece and has probably the best action sequences of any Marvel film so far. They also commented that this follows the Marvel formulaic origin story we first saw in Iron Man, so they aren’t reinventing the wheel story-wise. Check out a couple of their comments.

Jeff Cannata of the /Filmcast: I saw Dr Strange. It is better than I could have ever hoped for. Among the very best Marvel films. It dazzles and entertains throughout. Remember when The Mateix made you rethink what was possible in an action sequence? Dr Strange does that 4 or 5 times.

Steve Weintraub of Collider: DOCTOR STRANGE is unlike any previous Marvel movie and that’s why I love Marvel. They keep pushing boundaries and make it look easy. Visuals in DOCTOR STRANGE are fantastic. Actually worth seeing in 3D. Cumberbatch is great as the Sorcerer Supreme. DOCTOR STRANGE has two after the credits scenes like most Marvel movies. They both set up future things…trying to stay spoiler free. not going to say DOCTOR STRANGE is the best Marvel movie. It’s not. But it’s an awesome Doctor Strange movie with visuals that will floor u.

Ben Pearson of Geek Tyrant: Even beyond its insane visuals (cool stuff like you’ve never seen before), #DoctorStrange is tons of fun. A bit formulaic, but very solid.

Eric Goldman of IGN: #DoctorStrange isn’t one of Marvel’s very best, but it is still a very entertaining and visually dazzling movie with plenty of highlights. Now that #DoctorStrange got the origin story out of the way, I am excited to see him as part of the MCU and how he opens it up even more.

Having seen the 15-minute IMAX 3D sneak peek earlier this month, I’m for the most in agreement with many of the reactions. Visually, this film may rival The Matrix in regards to setting the new bar for how a film should look and how awesome the action can be. I also was surprised by the amount of humor in the film, which the trailers don’t give away much on. I can’t attest to the origin story formula as we saw somewhat of a “highlight reel” of the film, but it looks beyond amazing. Don’t watch this film on a full stomach, and for God’s sake, go see this sober! You’re already going to feel like you’re hallucinating when you see it!

Source: SlashFilm

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