Mark Hamill has appeared as Trickster in one episode each season of The Flash, which pays respect to a role/character he originally played in The Flash TV series from the 90’s. It appears that trend will continue in season 3.

Several set photos have popped up on Twitter that feature Hamill, presumably as Trickster, alongside John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick (The Flash of Earth-3). However, if you look at the photos, he’s looking less like The Trickster and more like another famous DC Villain.  

In these set photos, Hamill’s appearance is much different than than his prior showings as The Trickster.  Here, his face is covered in chalked makeup, he’s got noticeable red lips, and he’s sporting a brown pin striped suit, as well as holding an over-sized Tommy Gun. If Hamill was not already known as Trickster on The Flash, it almost looks like he could be portraying an Earth-3 version of The Joker (a character Hamill has long voiced).  One’s inner fan boy screams out saying “Yes, Bitch!” but the probability of that is extremely unlikely.

It is, however, easy to make the leap in thinking Hamill is playing some Infinite Earth version of The Joker: A) He looks like a bare bones version of him and B) there have been a several subtle references to Batman. Here’s some of the references for the record:

  1. In the Arrow/Flash crossover, Harrison wells tells Barry vigilantes like Arrow and Batman do not offer hope like he does
  2. In Legends of Tomorrow  Vandal Savage says- “I have seen men of steel die and dark knights fall”
  3. In the newspaper headline from 2024, Waynetech-Wueen merger complete
  4. In the first time Barry crossed over to Earth 2, he sees on his doppelgangers phone speed dials for “Hal”, “Diana”, And “Bruce”

There’s more references like throughout Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, including a cameo from Mr J’s main squeeze Harley Quinn on Arrow. But are these just fun references the creative teams are leaving, or are they slowly building up to the appearance of Batman?  And where there is a looming Batman, there has got to be some Darknight villains abound. Given these references, and also considering that Hamill is made famous for his voice work as The Crown Prince of Crime in BTAS, it would be way cool for Andrew Kreisberg, the overseer of the CW/DC Universe, to give Mark the opportunity to play The Joker on screen. An Earth-3 version is a perfect opportunity to do it.

All the speculation and fan wish fulfillment aside, we will likely see Trickster and Jay Garrick face off in this episode. This confrontation is more of a homage to these two actors and parts they played in the 1990’s Flash series. In the series,  Hamill also portrayed The Trickster, who was a a recurring villain of that series’ and Barry Allen was played by Shipp (who now plays Henry Allen and Jay Garrick). The fact that Hamill looks like The Joker this time around is probably just a fun way to acknowledge Hamill’s roles as both The Trickster and The Flash. Perhaps on Earth-3, they call him “The Jokester”?


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