About two weeks ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video on this YouTube channel where he went over his very first match in the WWE. Needless to say, it wasn’t the dream first match he thought he would always have, but it was really great hearing the insight that The Rock had regarding how things worked inside the ring and out. Now it looks like a television series based on the behind-the-scenes world of professional wrestling has been picked up by Fox Television and The Rock will be a part of it. It’ll be a comedy based on the real life experiences of Johnson and former WWE head writer, Brian Gerwitz. Will Ferrell is set to be one of the producers.

Here is a statement from Johnson regarding the new show,

“This November will mark the 20th anniversary of my professional wrestling debut. I was 24 years old, putting in the hard work, making $40 bucks per match and had no clue of the long journey that lay ahead of me with characters and backstage stories so colorful you’d think there’s no way that can be true. The entertaining show that goes on in front of the crowd pales in comparison to the insanely entertaining show that goes on backstage. Brian and myself can’t wait to tell our stories.”

It’s interesting to hear Johnson recall “stories so colorful.” The Rock debuted as a wrestler during one of WWE’s major pay-per-view events known as Survivor Series in 1996. That was also around the beginning of the “Attitude Era” – a time in wrestling where they push the topics of violence and sexuality to their limits on television. Wrestlers weren’t held as accountable for their actions, and many of the women were objectified and only featured for their looks rather than their skill set. And that was just in front of the camera. Backstage, stories exist of how certain wrestlers formed cliques and how rookies were treated poorly. Mark Henry, another wrestler who joined around the same time as Johnson, once shared a story of how some of the wrestlers would tell racial jokes to antagonize him. In one instance, former wrestlers would put feces in Johnson’s food.

The company and wrestlers have essentially evolved from those times into what is now known as the PG era. The WWE no longer pushes things to the limit and they’ve made steps in making women’s wrestling more on par with the men’s. The Rock’s story is surely one of blood, sweat, and tears, and makes checking out this new show of his possibly worth it.

Here’s a quick statement from Brian Gerwitz regarding the new series,

“Coming from Hollywood to the wrestling industry, with its intense backstage atmosphere and larger than life personalities, was a major culture shock. After working in the business for over 15 years, Dwayne and I had encounters and experiences that were unbelievable as well as unforgettable. We can’t wait to bring this project to the fans.”

No date has been set for the premiere.

Source: TVweb

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