Oh, Snap! ‘Deadpool 2’ Loses Director Tim Miller


There was a time when  FOX never wanted to bring Marvel’s Merc with The Mouth to the big screen. After sitting on the shelf for a few years, some “leaked” test footage of a CGI Deadpool voiced by Ryan Reynolds beating up some dudes in a car, made its way to onto the web. The Internet, as Legend would have it, went nuts for it. Thusly, forcing the Studio to say “Alright, we don’t understand it, but give these guys some money and let’s get this movie made”. A year or so later, Deadpool: The Movie hit cineplexes and delighted audiences with its quick-witted humor, charming romance, and sweet ass action scenes. Deadpool exceeded the Studios expectations, netting $500-mill in its first 2 weeks, a massive amount of money given it only cost a mere $58-mil to make. Deadpool went onto the earn the coveted spot as the “Highest Grossing Rated-R Movie Of All Time”. All this, thanks to the vision and perseverance of star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller, both of whom, spent years campaigning and downright harassing the studio in an attempt to get this movie made. They delivered, big time! Now, of course, the Studio and the film’s talent are sitting on a big pile a money, with everyone now in a rush to get a sequel made.

However, there is trouble brewing. Deadpool 2 has lost a key player/supporter… they’re without a director. Oh, noes!

Deadline reports that director Tim Miller has exited the sequel.  The decision came about “after a series of creative differences.

While Miller had never officially signed a contract to direct Deadpool 2, he’d already begun developing the script and had been planning to once again take the helm. While the details of his departure are unclear, it has been said the split was “amicable”. However, there was a rumor a while back that Miller and the studio were in disagreement about who should be cast as Cable — Miller apparently wanted Kyle Chandler, while the studio was insistent on Liam Neeson. Who knows what other “creative differences” forced Miller off the project.

Miller is still in good graces with FOX. They’ve just locked him down for another movie. Miller will be hopping off the Deadpool train and jumping straight into Influx, written by Mark Bomback and based on David Suarez’s novel. So… one does have to wonder, if a director leaves a project due to “creative differences” but goes and does another movie with same Studio, are those creative disagreements really between Studio and director or is it the talent?

This director is one of the main creatives that made FOX a whole lot of money with the first picture. When it comes to being brought on for a sequel, giving him a blank check and an “almost anything goes” creative contract would seem the logical course of action.

Not to perpetuate ill-reporting but there are grumblings across the net that are suggesting Miller and star Ryan Reynolds are the ones that were not seeing eye-to-eye this time around. This would be surprising given that at Comic Con, interviews, featurettes, and BluRay/DVD commentaries and special features they seemed to be perfectly paired. Ryan Reynolds was always the main driving force behind Deadpool, Tim Miller came in later on, but still, the two together are what delivered this unlikely success story. So, something is amiss here. Maybe it’s Reynolds. Maybe it’s the Studio. Maybe it’s both. One thing is for certain, there has got to be a ton of pressure from the Studio and audiences to make a sequel that is on par, or better, than its predecessor. Maybe the film Miller wanted to make just wasn’t working for what’s expected out of it?

Whatever the case maybe, FOX has got to find a replacement director soon.  Deadpool 2 does not have a release date but was eyeing a 2017 start date for release sometime in 2018. Fans are already campaigning for his replacement, with names like Mattew Vaughn and Edgar Wright, both of whom are both celebrated directors known for their tone and comedic pacing

Who would who like to see direct Deadpool 2?

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