Majestic, powerful, mysterious… The legacy of Doctor Strange is one that has remained unmarred for generations. A truly unique hero, his abilities are a mystery to even the most intelligent and well traveled of the Avengers. No matter how brilliantly intelligent or well versed in alien skills, there are some things they just can’t handle alone. As if he needed to be any more magnificent, the newest movie stars Benedict Cumberbath as the Doctor himself – a positively regal man who has stepped perfectly into the role of neurosurgeon turned legendary mystic artist.But even the most glorious and impenetrable of heroes are not above ridicule, as Aldo Jones – the YouTuber responsible for Weird Trailers – has made abundantly clear.

In the most recent video, the new Doctor Strange movie has got the full treatment. For the first time, this is your opportunity to see one of the most powerful heroes ever created in a bright spotty bowtie and sipping from a baby bottle. Imagine how much better the real movie might be if those cameros from Roger Rabbit and Charlie Brown had a little more screen time and maybe some lines. And, let’s be honest, the Ancient One is slaying in her new outfit…

But the fun doesn’t end there.

Easter eggs are scattered throughout the trailer – how many times will you have to watch it before you find all the Marvel heroes’ hidden weapons and accessories? That is, without reading through the comments section to read everyone else’s answers first, of course.

While, of course, comic books and their movie adaptation are very serious business and must be treated with the utmost respect, there’s no harm in taking five minutes to have a laugh. And this is good one.

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