If you’re in New York and need Mystical help, who are ya gonna call? Doctor Strange of course, but how do you actually find him? Now you can just pull up Google Maps and get directions in a flash, ain’t modern Technology wonderful? Now when you get there be prepared, it’s a fifty/fifty shot that you will or won’t find the Sanctum Sanctorum. The good Doctor’s residence is known to fade in and out of this dimension as Doctor Strange uses his mystical powers to conceal his home. doctorstrangehomemap

Just enter the address,

177 Bleecker Street A

New York, NY

and get directions, but before you take off, switch it over to the satellite view and make sure the good Doctor is in. Beware strange men or women in robes while in the area, don’t get in any panel vans either, no matter how cute the puppy or delicious the candy.

Doctor Strange hits theater screens November 4th!

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