Gender Equality: Marvel Vice President Talks


The film industry is dealing with a number of difficult topics at the moment and Marvel, in particular, is currently trying to make up for previous cultural failings in cinema. It has recently made an effort to address the issues of racism and sexism in the media with its hit shows like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. After criticism that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had predominantly featured men as its leading characters, it looks as though the studio plans to respond to public demand for a Black Widow movie, after her positive reception in The Avengers.

Thankfully, it looks like Marvel can be relied on to make some big waves in terms of film equality in the years ahead.

Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studio’s executive vice president of physical production, has made a statement regarding the commitment of Marvel to the notion of gender equality within the MCU, and within the company itself. Alonso reportedly said there will be a noticeable change within the studio’s output, with plans to involve more women in major roles. Alonso said:

“We have had gender inequality for some time. It wasn’t always talked about … In the past year, it bubbled up and it’s no longer acceptable to women and some men. Change is needed and hopefully we can make a balanced Hollywood for the next generation.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp is to feature its first female superhero, as well as Captain Marvel – Marvel’s first upcoming feature with a leading female role, which has been written by two women (Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman). Though the rest of their upcoming films are apparently expected to be largely helmed by men, the studio promises Captain Marvel will also be directed by a woman.

Despite being separate from Marvel Studios, Marvel TV also appears to be making positive movements towards female and minority representation in its productions. Interestingly, it has been announced by Marvel TV that the much anticipated second series of Jessica Jones will be directed wholly by women.

Though it might take a while for these plans to go ahead and to be brought to life onscreen, we can hopefully look forward to some interesting developments from Marvel. It may be long overdue, but it’s nice to see a major production company making some positive changes for the future and taking on board the wishes of its fans.

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