One of the most eagerly anticipated Pokémon games in a generation, Pokémon Sun and Moon looks set to become an all new experience of the series. Complete with a new way of earning your status as a Pokémon Master and throwbacks to not just the beloved early narrative games but also such niche nostalgic treats as Pokémon Snap, it has fans from all ages, backgrounds and demographics talking about what to expect. Giving us plenty to chew over in the last few weeks before the game comes out in November, Nintendo has released another trailer that reveals not just the new Pokémon we might meet but some old faces too.In this trailer, all three of the Alola starter Pokémon really come into their own, the way final evolution stages are supposed to.

Litten’s final form is the Fire/Dark powerhouse, Incineroar – a big burly cat with a belt of flame. Rowlett’s third evolution is the ominous Ghost/Grass type, Decidueye. The once playful Popplio has reached a point where it has shaken off its goofy beginnings to a graceful Water/Fairy Primarina.

The trailer also formally introduces you to all four of the Alola region’s Island Guardian Pokémon, along with their unique Z-Move.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the new trailer, though, is not the necessarily the new stuff that has been a point of speculation for months now. The trailer also brings back some familiar faces that have so far escaped the many rumours floating around about these games.

Along with the round-faced Alola form of Persian that has already piqued some fans, players can expect to see the legendary Pokémon trainers Red and Blue once again.


You get the chance to battle – and team up with – players from throughout Pokémon history, including those that introduce many of us the game many, many years ago.

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