It’s Deadpool 2 creative crisis Day 7, as the production to what may be the year’s most successful superhero is trying to proceed without the man who undoubtedly shares a significant portion of the reason Deadpool was such a success. You’ve undoubtedly heard about the petition to make Quentin Tarantino the director of Deadpool 2, but let’s resign ourselves to the notion that Tarantino is not going to be directing the film; the only time he’s directed material that was not originally his own was Jackie Brown. So having said that, what if we told you that one of the directors of John Wick, one of the most exciting action movies of the last 10 years, was on the short list? In fact, he might be the short list.

Mashable is reporting “several individuals familiar with the project” who are saying that David Leitch is the frontrunner for the job of replacing Tim Miller on Deadpool 2. “Reynolds’ agency, WME, has been pushing the star (and the studio) to hire one of its own clients, and Leitch is at the top of that list, though one individual told Mashable that several other directors remain in the mix,” the site wrote. “There doesn’t appear to be an official offer on the table yet, but by most accounts, 20th Century Fox has found its man.”

Leitch will bring not inconsiderable superhero movie experience with him to Deadpool 2 if he comes aboard. He was a stunt performer on Blade and Daredevil, a stunt co-ordinator on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and a second unit director on The Wolverine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Captain America: Civil War. Although he didn’t take part in the upcoming John Wick 2, Leitch has stayed pretty busy with two movies in development, Cowboy Ninja Viking and an adaptation of the Valiant comic Bloodshot.

It was almost a week ago now when we first reported that Miller had left Deadpool over creative differences with star and producer Ryan Reynolds as one party looking for a more ambitious sequel in terms of style and tone, and the other looking to capitalize on the things that made the first Deadpool a $800 million worldwide smash success. There was also reportedly a dispute about the casting of Cable, with Miller looking to hire the serious character actor Kyle Chandler for the part. None of this though has been confirmed through official channels.

There’s presently no release date for Deadpool 2, but we will have all the latest news for you as soon as it becomes available.

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