Mad Max: Fury Road was released last summer to a practical landslide of critical acclaim that it rode all the way into awards season, where it more or less swept the technical categories of this year’s Oscars. Not bad for director George Miller, whose last two films were about dancing animated penguins, and whose last action movie credit before that was Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome three decades earlier. But critics and those that bestow awards weren’t the only ones impressed with Miller’s acumen in Fury Road, so was the original Mad Max himself, Mel Gibson. Gibson offered his praise and appreciation for Miller’s talent in a recent interview.

“It’s visually spectacular,” Gibson told Collider. “It’s crazy, but that’s George. He’s a scientist, he’s the Einstein of the edit and of being able to get the pieces necessary to make a truly compelling in-your-face action sequence.”

Gibson is presently doing a round of press for his new film Hacksaw Ridge, which is based on the true story of Desmond Doss. Doss was an army medic that was awarded the Medal of Honour after the Battle of Okinawa, which is notable because he was a conscientious objector that refused to kill people or even carry a weapon. Hacksaw is Gibson’s first film as a director in 10 years, and has been getting some serious awards consideration itself in spite of Gibson’s personal issues including problems with alcohol abuse and allegations of domestic violence over 10 years ago.

As for more Mad Max, Miller has announced a fifth movie in the series called The Wasteland, but no start date for production or a release date for the finished film has been announced yet. Hacksaw Ridge meanwhile will be in theatres everywhere this Friday, but it may be overshadowed by another movie about a medical professional

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