Along with secretly handing out books on the London Underground, talking to politicians around the world about the issues affecting women and young people and generally being an amazing role model for everyone, Emma Watson has spent her time being the face of Disney‘s new live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Taking on the iconic role of Belle, her modernised portrayal of the classic love story promises to be a piece of history for Disney specifically and cinema in general. This film could be a bench mark for Disney’s live action revivals, for the merge between CGI and live action movies and for the way that classic love stories evolve.

People have been talking about this film since the live action version of The Jungle Book was met with a good reception, even though Beauty and the Beast isn’t due out until March 2017. Finally, in an exclusive feature by Entertainment Weekly, avid fans have been given the first look at what the new movie is going to look like.

A photo of Emma Watson’s Belle in the arms of Dan Stevens‘ Beast, dancing in the opulent ballroom, adorned the front cover of this month’s print edition of EW.


The was quickly followed by a whole gallery of shots on the EW website showing a number of different characters and settings and even behind-the-scenes glimpses of director Bill Condon guiding the action. We get a look at Gaston, as portrayed by Luke Evans, and what living homeware looks like in a live action feature film when played by the likes of Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

The CGI is certainly interesting, though it’s difficult to tell while it’s only in still form how it might translate to movement on the big screen. Still, with five months left to go until the film hits cinemas, there’s sure to be plenty of speculation.

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