Not too long ago, somewhere in the United States…someone else made another fan-made Star Wars short. Sure, Star Wars fans have almost every other year to look forward towards another film, but that doesn’t mean the shorts should stop coming. This one tells the tale of a young Jedi master, Ko Hoshino. She becomes blinded by her eagerness to learn more than she could handle, but eventually goes on to master the ways of the force, and, in the end, is able to defend herself from group of Sith. Check it out the great short for yourself after the jump.

The clip is only seven minutes in length, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Sometimes these fan made films look a lot better than some of the movies in the theaters. At the time of this writing, the clip has already gained over 48,000 views on YouTube with 3,534 likes and only 72 dislikes. Needless to say, it’s no Ghostbusters trailer. The quality of the short is what stands out the most. It’s crisp and clean. The acting isn’t that bad, but it’s not the best. And the special effects are very impressive especially during the scenes where Ko is assembling the light saber.

The story is comprehensible and is intriguing. As a viewer, you’re compelled to learn more about Ko considering the time gaps are obviously large. However, there is one detail that is questionable. As the short comes to an end, a voiceover begins to say, “We are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. We defend and protect. We never attack.” Prior to that, Ko clearly kills one of the Sith who attacks her. Now, there’s probably no argument that she was defending herself, but did she need to thrust the person hard enough at the tree that they snapped like a twig? She already had him held in place by the Force. It may not have been necessary to go the extra mile. If his four other friends had come out at the same time, it would be a different story, but they didn’t. It seems to go against the Jedi way.

This is all just nitpicking, though. Overall, it’s a quality short that deserves the views and likes it’s been getting.

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