TV RECAP – ‘The Flash’ – S03E05 – “Monster”

“Sumptuous Day!” This week’s episode of The Flash was one of the more unique episodes you’ll ever see during the season. There wasn’t a big baddie from the comic books terrorizing the city nor was there a cool crossover from one of the other CW superhero shows. This episode was purely character and story progression. For some it’s the worst episode of any season, but for others it can be one of the best because this is where you learn the most about characters you want to know about. And tonight was the chance people got to learn about what’s really going on with Caitlin Snow and delve deeper into the person Julian Albert.

Titled, “Monster,” this week’s episode was mostly about confronting the monsters within us. Audiences finally delved into who Julian Albert really is. As it turns out, he comes from a line of “old money,” traditionalists, and he was the heir to it all, but turned it down in order to follow his dream of becoming a great scientist. Then one day meta-humans appear and he goes from feeling accomplished to feeling powerless. Good or bad, he feels that meta-humans have wasted their opportunity to help mankind by reverting to robbing banks and creating chaos within the city. But an altercation with The Flash makes him realize that not all meta-humans are bad.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Snow pays her mother, Dr. Tannhauser (Susan Walters), a visit and you quickly learn that they don’t get along. After the death of her father, Caitlin’s mother buried herself in her research to avoid dealing with the pain of it all. Trying to relate, Caitlin recalls her marriage (something that her mother didn’t even know about). While visiting her mother (who is a scientist dealing in cryo-medicines) she tells her about her powers and together run tests to discover more about Caitlin’s abilities. Later, she is trapped by a lab assistant to get more information out her her, but Caitlin fights back, nearly killing the assistant. Luckily, her mother is able to intervene and stop her from doing anymore harm.

Finally, as the group had suspected, their new Wells had been keeping a secret. After a lengthy explanation, it turns out that he was never a scientist, but instead is a novelist who sought the opportunity to write about a different world while he was there. Despite his deceptions, the group decide to give him a chance to prove his helpfulness, but he’s  agreed that if they can’t use him, he’ll go back to his Earth. The episode concludes when Caitlin gets a message from her mother telling her that if she continues to use her powers, it may eventually overwhelm her.

If there was an episode that your friends won’t like the most this season, this one will probably be it. It wasn’t full of action, there weren’t any crazy special effects used, it was just pure storytelling. Okay, so there was a big monster scaring people in the city, but it could have been third on a list of priorities, right under Iris and grocery shopping for Cisco. That doesn’t mean this was a bad episode.

It was great to finally get to know Julian Albert. He’s obviously a conflicted character. But by the end of the episode, he was willing to give The Flash the benefit of the doubt. There have been discussions whether or not he is Alchemy from another timeline. He very well may be, but it could be possible this is all one big deception and he may end up joining Barry and the rest of the team like other reports have been giving. Good guy Julian Albert would be much preferred.

Killer Frost fans rejoice! If you’re a fan of either her or Caitlin, then this must have been a great episode for your to watch. Up to now, Caitlin was the only member of the group who’s personal life the show had not explored. Sure it’s not needed, but don’t you want to know what drives her? Why did she want to become a scientist? Who were her influences? For a while, it seemed like Caitlin was too good to be true. But she’s not as perfect as she looks and actually comes from a broken home. Who knew you’d be able to relate to Caitlin Snow? As for the last scene of the episode, it looks like audiences are going to see Caitlin go into full frost mode. Will Killer Frost make an appearance, or will a lighter version come out of the situation? With how Caitlin Snow has become an important member of the team, it’s hard to see how they could writer her off as a villain – although a very popular one that could come back to give everyone constant trouble.

The Harrison Wells twist was a lot of fun to watch play out. In the end, you had to feel bad for the guy since he didn’t turn out to be the monster that everyone was making him out to be. A novelist was something people definitely didn’t see coming. It’s a shame that he might be going back to his own Earth soon because he creates such a great dynamic since he doesn’t have the science background that a lot of the characters have. Hopefully this version of Wells does come back after he leaves. He mentioned that his partner was the one who solved the problem the crew sent out but never named the person. Who could that person be?

Overall, not the best episode, but solid character progression. As they say on Wells’ Earth, “Until next communion.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for an all new episode which airs November 15 titled, “Shade.”

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