Sometimes life can truly be a beautiful thing. The weather is just right. The birds are singing, The Chicago Cubs win a World Series! Life is fair, but alas that is usually not the case and today we were all reminded of how cruel the world can be. The beloved Hi-C Ecto Cooler will cease to be, come years end.

According to the beverages official Facebook page the future is bleak. 


Fans of the original Ghostbusters film franchise got their first taste of the practically glow in the dark liquid elixir way back in 1989 hot off the heals of the smash hit sequel Ghost Busters II . The original drink was emblazoned with the image of Slimer from the equally popular cartoon The Real Ghostbusters. It was to have quite a run at the grocery aisles, lasting all the way until 1997! It was a rough go after that. Dark times were upon us.

Cut to April of this year and the announcement of a brand new all female cast Ghostbusters film. More importantly the new feature was to have some tasty company. A re-release of the Hi-C Ecto Cooler! Old and new fans alike celebrated in the streets, well, the grocery store and mostly at home, alone, playing PS3 and eating Pop-tarts, but still! The Ecto Cooler was back! But as they say, all good things must come to an end.

We can all at least take solace that for the briefest of moments, life was worth it. So maybe we should all buy as many EC’s as we can and drink till the sun goes down. Don’t forget to tip one for your homies who are hopefully living in the after life as green slimy ghosts though.

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