With his permanent frown, fondness for black clothing and tendency to fly into destructive temper tantrums at the drop of a lightsaber, Kylo Ren could be seen as the prototypical angsty teenager. Admittedly, stabbing your father in the reactor of a space station goes a little further than most acts of adolescent rebellion, usually he would have just got himself a tattoo. Ren is a ball of insecurity, thwarted ambition and frustrated rage. He’s also a figure struggling under the shadow of one of the galaxies most feared dictators; the asthmatic overlord, Darth Vader. So it’s only fitting that new revelations about Star Wars Episode VIII indicate that Ren  continues to struggle with the burden of his grandfather’s dark legacy.

According to the team at Making Star Wars, although Kylo Ren’s signature mask will be making a return in Episode VIII, a few subtle outfit changes have been made since The Force Awakens. Beneath his robes, Kylo will now be wearing a tunic similar to that worn by Luke in Return of the Jedi. We also know that Ren will be adding a stylish cape to his ensemble, a cape almost identical to that of Darth Vader, minus the clasps and chain. We already know that Ren has a fondness for, if not an obsession with, objects belonging to his deceased relatives. This new wardrobe addition leads us to wonder whether Ren is merely aping his grandfather’s look, or if he has dusted off the genuine article.

Either way, these subtle costume changes imply a Ren who still feels the ghosts of his relatives around him, and who still feels duty-bound to honour and emulate them. Talking to the melted face of Vaders’ mask in The Force Awakens, Ren pledged to finish what his grandfather started, but his spectacular emotional outbursts indicate that he already feels crushed by the weight of that responsibility. While these costume changes certainly indicate that the legacy of his ancestors is at the forefront of his mind, what remains unclear is how much of that legacy Ren truly understands. Does he know, for example, that Vader turned on his master before his death? Is he fighting for an ideal that his grandfather actually turned away from at the end? If not, how might this already troubled figure cope with the revelation?

Nursing wounds both physical and emotional after his humiliation in The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren prepares to lead the First Order against the Resistance to fulfill his grandfather’s legacy of galactic domination. We may not know what awaits Kylo Ren in the next installment of the Star Wars saga, but what is clear is that one of the series’ most exciting villains remains committed to honouring the memory of his most infamous ancestor. Whether or not that quest will destroy him utterly remains to be seen.

Star Wars Episode VIII will be in theatres everywhere on December 15, 2017.

Source: Cinema Blend

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