As promised by director Patty Jenkins, the second Wonder Woman trailer starring Gal Gadot has been released today along with a motion poster. There’s plenty of new footage, information, and a basic story line to check out and then hit the forums and praise or complain about. Gotta say though, this movie is looking good, very good.Let’s start out with the tweet of the motion poster:

Now tot the meat of the post the second trailer.

There’s plenty to see there, Diana on the island with the other Amazons, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashing, the Germans attacking the island (most likely brought because of Trevor’s plane crash), and the Duck out of water humor the film is going to have as Princess Diana navigates this new world that doesn’t exactly hold women, and what they can do, in the highest regard.

The trailer hits all the high notes and from that beginning we can see that we’ll see the current day Diana telling her story… perhaps to Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and other members of the Justice League? This NerdBastard would love a bar scene opener for each hero to tell their tale that weaves through all the first introduction movies for Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and the rest.

There’s still a ton of time left until the June 9th, 2017 release date so we’re sure to see some more, hopefully, not too much tough.

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