Samuel L. Jackson is having none of your Mace Windu is Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ Supreme Leader Snoke fan theories. Jackson has his own theory that Windu wasn’t killed by Palpatine and survived that long fall (and losing his hand) because Anakin had the same things happen to him as well as other Jedi and they lived. Jackson makes a good case and fans would go crazy to see Windu return to the big screen, or to the animated side on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm and Disney should make that happen. Until then, check out Jackson’s Mace Windu thoughts in the video below.windusnok

Check out the video and then let’s discuss a bit.

He makes a good case and even if he was under some non-disclosure contract and working with J.J Abrams, he would have had some slight tell. There’s nothing there to make anyone think he wasn’t being fully honest.

I’m not a part of that rumor or theory. I would like for Mace Windu to just be Mace Windu. I’m of the idea that Jedi can fall from enormous heights and still survive. The fact that he cut his hand off is not a big deal [either]. There are a lot of one-handed Jedi or Jedi with robotic or enhanced hands in that world.

Jackson ends that statement saying:

So hopefully I can be one of them.

Jackson certainly seems open to returning to the Star Wars universe as Mace Windu and with many of the upcoming films set in the period between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope there’s plenty of opportunity for Mace Windu to return. Heck, if they can bring back Darth Maul back, and he got cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi, they can bring back Mace Windu, he only lost a hand after all.

That still leaves us wondering who Snoke might be or if he is truly an original character. Snoke’s back story might not be revealed on the big screen and instead used in a connecting book. Star Wars Aftermath set up some characters that may turn out to be Snoke, or at least be involved in setting up the character of Snoke.

We probably won’t see anything solid about Snoke until Star Wars: Episode VIII hits the big screen. Snoke is the Manhattan Project of the Star Wars Universe at the moment and Disney will milk that for all it’s worth.

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