Last week on Arrow, the new team was finally starting to come together. But when they had to go stop Tobias Church from doing bad things, The Green Arrow was nowhere to be found. He was out rescuing Diggle at the time and, unfortunately for the team, that meant Wild Dog got nabbed by Church and his gang. So now it’s up to them to get him back and stop Church from doing even more bad things. The season is going pretty well thus far, but can ‘Human Target’ make it 5 in a row?

We begin with Rene/Wild Dog getting his ass tortured by Church. Church wants to know Arrow’s real identity and he’s willing to apply some pain to get the info he wants. Arrow and the team are out on the streets, trying to figure out where their buddy is, but they show up a bit too late. While they do manage to rescue Rene from certain doom, they don’t get there before he reveals to Church that The Green Arrow is indeed Oliver Queen.

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Luckily for the team, Rene learns more about Church’s big plan, as bad guys are prone to revealing their secrets to those they are about to kill. This information isn’t enough to stop Church, however, so Diggle goes digging (diggling?) into Rene’s brain to see if he can find something more. Rene is reluctant at first, but after they share some war stories, he’s finally convinced that he’ll need to relive his horrible experience for the good of the city.

On the Oliver side of things, he can’t stop being mayor despite the fact that Church knows who he is and has a big target on his head. So Diggle uses his contacts to find someone who can help in a unique way. The appropriately named Human Target poses as Ollie and gets himself shot so that they can fake the mayor’s death and get Church to let his guard down.


All this interaction with The Green Arrow pisses old Prometheus off and he pays Church a visit, but that doesn’t dissuade the current big baddie. Once he has the mayor offed, he heads out to complete his takeover of the city. But Rene’s info leads them to the secret location and a fight ensues. Diggle is back in top form, Wild Dog gets a rematch with Church and Oliver finds out that there’s some dude named Prometheus out there looking for him.

On the side, we find out that Felicity has a new boy. Oliver finds out as well, though he has to do it in a roundabout manner. We’re also left with some potentially very bad news for Oliver as far as the press and his mayorship is concerned. And Church ends up having to deal with a very pissed-off Prometheus.

And, in the past, Ollie finally gets the chance to meet with the Bratva big-wigs and officially join their super-secret club of murderers. Unfortunately for him, some of his brothers don’t like him so well, which leaves him looking over his shoulder.


This episode wasn’t very spectacular, but it did have a few high points. The action was limited and basic aside from one cool scene of Rene kicking ass with a shovel, which is dialing it back from the way it’s been so far. To be fair, there really wasn’t much action to be had, aside from some gunfire and a few short brawls, so they didn’t get a chance to play with it.

The other fun thing was the presence of Human Target. He didn’t get many lines, but the actor (Wil Traval) has a fair bit of charisma. I could easily see this guy making the rounds through the various DC Universe shows and saving each hero’s ass at least once over the course of the new seasons. Hopefully they’ll even get a chance to develop him along the way.

And, although the episode was a bit bland, I’m happy to see Tobias Church gone. As a villain, he was rather unremarkable and with him out of the picture Prometheus gets the chance to step up and become a larger part of the story. I’m still skeptical about there being yet another archer on the show, but perhaps the writers will do something different with him? Also, they’ll need to figure out some other mini-bosses for Arrow to fight along the way or an 18-episode story arc focusing on the conflict with Prometheus could get really old, really fast and lead to a resurgence of the same problem which caused season 4 to drag on and on.


The lowest point of this week was by far the return to the Olicity arc. I understand they feel like they still need to resolve the issue completely, but if they keep going back to it, it’s going to annoy. Worst case scenario, they’ll end up bringing them back together and pulling them apart again and turning Arrow into even more of a soap opera than it is already. Or, potentially, they could be setting up to knock Felicity off… yah never know.

Final judgment – Not the best episode this season, but not such a drag that it kills the show. It’s a needed pause while switching from Church to Prometheus and I’m guessing we’ll see a few villain-of-the-week episodes in the coming weeks. Which could actually be a relief, considering there are still plenty of cool villains out there who could make an appearance.

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