With a trailer debuting at NYCC, an Angel Grove High School newspaper website ramping up the tension day by day and reams to teasers and merchandise dropping left, right and centre, the 2017 Power Rangers movie is pulling out all the stops to become one of the most anticipated reimaginings of next year. An origin story for characters that have not been on the big screen for nearly twenty years, the new movie will see Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Jason evolve from ordinary high school kids to the colourful crime-fighting team we all know and love.

Between the posters, images from the set and casting information officially released, fans already have a very clear picture of what they can expect from the new movie, even though there’s still almost five months until it’s due to hit cinemas. Bryan Cranston will be joining the crew as Zordon, and has talked about using CGI and motion capture technology to create his part. Elizabeth Banks is signed up to play Rita Repulsa and Bill Hader has been cast as Alpha 5.

But for all the familiar characters we can expect to see, there has been little talk of one of the Power Rangers’ most iconic formations: the Megazord.

A combination of the power and skills of all the Rangers, it seemed silly not to include it in the movie, where modern cinematic technology can really show it off. Though with no mention of what to expect, there remained any number of ways in which it could be reimagined as part of the Rangers’ new beginning – or, it might have been cut altogether. You never know what scriptwriters will change when it comes to reinventing the classics…

But rest assured, there will be a Megazord, as the Power Rangers official Twitter feed today confirmed.

Though we still don’t have too much information about what it will look like when fully rendered in the movie, Bandai will soon release a Megazord action figure as part of the official Saban’s Power Rangers toy line. Images released today offer us something to spark the imagination.

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