Considered by many to be one of rock and roll’s greatest frontmen, a Freddie Mercury movie should have written itself. Despite this, somehow the picture has been stuck in development hell for the best part of a decade. Plagued with deserting cast members and trouble with Mercury’s surviving bandmates, the film was starting to look like a hopeless case. Losing two big-name stars in a row is a major setback for any feature, but with a new Mercury cast, and director confirmed, it’s looking like there may yet be light at the end of the tunnel for the troubled biopic. 

In the face of setback after setback, Hollywood execs must be hoping that Mr. Robot Star Rami Malek will be the charm to turn their luck around. Fingers are no doubt being crossed that Bohemian rhapsody will manage to hit its target of an early 2017 release, but an exact date has yet to be set. Sometimes, it isn’t wise to tempt fate.

X-Men Director Bryan Singer is now known to be helming the piece, with Singer taking to Instagram to confirm the swirling rumours of his involvement.

Malek isn’t the first actor slated to don the famous moustache. Borat star Sascha Baron Cohen was originally intended to fill Mercury’s shoes, but he abandoned the project after “creative differences” with surviving Queen band members. Drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May are attached to the project as musical producers. After Cohen’s departure, the torch was passed to fresh-faced Skyfall star Ben Wishaw. It is unclear what prompted Wishaw to follow Cohen’s example and drop the picture. \

The last big morsel of information tossed to the press, that Theory of Everything writer Anthony McCarten would write the script, was reported in December 2015. Since then, all has been quiet on the Bohemian Rhapsody front, up until now.

After his Emmy win for outstanding lead actor for playing Elliot Anderson on Mr. Robot, Malek must have generated a great deal of interest from Hollywood. It’s very interesting to see him leap from his starring turn as anxious recluse Elliot Anderson to Freddie Mercury, a man who lived much of his life under the spotlight. Pulling off the transition will cement his reputation as an extremely capable and versatile actor, and peg him as one to watch in coming years.

Musical biopics have a patchy reputation. With cracks showing at this early stage, it remains to be seen if a decent movie can be built on what seem like shaky foundations. Mercury’s life is begging for big-screen adaptation. The time he dressed Princess Diana as a man to give her a tour of London’s Gay clubbing scene, for example, could be a film unto itself. We hope that Bohemian Rhapsody will turn out to be a Movie that Freddie could be proud of. One’s things for sure; it’s going to have a killer soundtrack.

Via: USA Today

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