It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Deadpool sequel. Despite the fact that the movie about the Merc with the Mouth was one of the biggest, most surprising hits of the year, getting things going on the sequel is looking just as difficult as getting that first movie made to begin with. Deadpool 2 has lost its director, Tim Miller, and on Friday it lost its composer Junkie XL, and while there are a lot of talented people in Hollywood who can fill those positions, can they possibly be ready in time to begin work in January? They may just have to have be…

A website called What’s Filming, which tracks film and TV production going on in Vancouver, lists Deadpool 2 among the upcoming projects landing on Canada’s west coast. The original Deadpool shot in Vancouver, so it just makes sense that VanCity would be Deadpool‘s base of operations for the sequel, but what are the chances that the studio wants to get it together that early? Well, Deadpool 2 has an expected 2018 release date, and there are presently two open slots for March 2 and June 29, so getting the movie before the cameras in early 2017 makes a lot of sense. Practically though, it doesn’t give the new director much time to get up to speed.

Having said that, this would not be the first time a last minute change has been made on a superhero film just weeks before the start of filming. Ant-Man lost Edgar Wright to creative differences with only a couple of months to spare before the cameras rolled, but Peyton Reed came onboard and it all turned out alright in the end. You can’t underestimate how badly Fox wants to get Deadpool in theatres, over $800 million bad. Right now they’re looking at John Wick co-director David Leitch as the most likely replacement, but Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens are also in the mix.

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments as they become available.

Source: Cinema Blend

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