Just the other day, a rumor spread like wild fire. That rumor being, that the script for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie was terrible and the studio execs at Warners Bros couldn’t give a hoot, with “too big to fail” type rhetoric. This story came from American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis who’s comments were pulled from a lengthy online interview. The story was initially blown out of proportion with online media citing that Ellis was at a dinner with some Warner Bros execs who were ignoring concerns and practically laughing their way to the box office. Bret Easton later clarified  that he didn’t talk with any executives directly involved in Batman, it was just some loose round the table gossip. This, however, didn’t ease minds. His follow-up remarks didn’t clear the rumors that the script is a mess – and given the poor critical response for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, it’s very easy to believe Warner Bros aren’t too keen on enforcing a quality product.

So, now, a surprise figure comes to reassure fans that all, in fact, is well with Batman. 

Deathstroke actor Joe Manganiello (True Blood ) was recently a guest on former pro wrestling announcer Mark Madden‘s podcast and talked a little bit about Affleck’s take on the Dark Knight and how fans are going to completely dig it:

When I met Ben we sat down and we talked about, you know, the role. We talked about the movie. His take is a fresh take but I think the audience is going to be surprised. Because it’s a road that no one’s really gone down that’s completely integral to, you know, who Batman is. And I think it’s gonna be refreshing but at the same time completely familiar. But it’s going to take this franchise in a direction that I think A LOT of people are going to be really happy about. It’s going to be gritty and action packed and cerebral and all of those elements that people love about Batman.

“Ben’s a great director, man. I mean the last movie that man directed won best picture. He’s got an Oscar for writing. Like, this is all the components to go down as a… everything is lined up for a really really really great movie. Not only a superhero movie but just a great great movie.”


“I haven’t seen the script. I’m just happy to have a job.”

There’s not much doubt in minds of fans that Affleck and Manganiello are gonna kill it as Batman and Deathstroke. Affleck has already won people over for his portrayal as The Dark Knight in Batman V Superman (he really was the least worst thing. As far as Joe Manganiello, well, most everyone seems to like him no matter what. But that doesn’t change the fact that poor scripts and stories have been a running thread with Warner Bros comic books movies. Again, it’s very easy to think the trend will continue.

Joe is right, though. Affleck is the bomb! Not only is this movie being directed by Affleck but he’s also penning the script. Affleck himself has said he’s feverishly working on the script and that it won’t get made until it’s right. Affleck has won an Oscar for screenwriting, as well as Best Picture for ARGO.

Batman is, theoretically, in good creative hands. So rumors be damned.


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