Just when you thought you knew someone the secrets come out of the closet changing your entire world view. Here’s a bombshell for ya, Chewbacca could speak English, or Galactic, or whatever they called the language of the Star Wars universe, the entire time. Fans often wondered and guessed at what Chewbacca’s howls and grunts really meant, for all we knew he could be cracking jokes, cursing like a Tusken Raider, or giving out Yoda like wisdom. Jamie Benning knew though, and he’s found the footage to prove it. You might recognize the name, he’s done other Star Wars documentaries worth watching.chewbacca-mayhew

Peter Mayhew tweeted out one of the scenes Benning found.

Here’s the second clip.

It makes a lot of sense for Chewbacca to have lines in actual English, it gives the actors working with him something to work back from, setting the mood and context. Personally, this NerdBastard would rather believe that Chewbacca just held back all that time. Han never really knew how to speak Wookie. His accent, grammar, and pronunciation were the worst and Chewbacca just enjoyed seeing Han and others struggle to figure out or just make something up about what he was growling.

Except Yoda, he was in on the joke of course…


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