Geeks/Nerds have quite the affinity for pop culture, obviously. Their passions range from movies, video games, comics and everything in between. This often includes a growing collection of toys, collectibles, and other pop culture memorabilia. Almost every nerdy home is decorated with these nerdy goods placed proudly on display. For a more select few, however,  some go from mere fans to complete fanatics. The truly passionate collectors out there are known to spend hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars for rare and one-of-a-kind pieces, and or, building onto their already massively large collections. It can be quite insane.

Examining the lives of these super-collectors and seeing their impressive wares, comes a new docu-series called Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest. It’s host is, well, Mark Hamill, as the title implies. Yes, Luke Skywalker is here and he wants to see your toys!

Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest coming to Comic-Con HQ that features the titular Star Wars saga actor meeting some of the most hardcore fans and collectors of all things nerdy. The first trailer for the series has just debuted online, and in addition to showing off some impressive collections, it also features Mark Hamill interviewing some of the people responsible for featuring the very things that we collect.

Why Mark Hamill? Well, aside from being known for his famous roles as Luke Skywalker and The Joker – aka a big name to tie to this show – this actor is full on geek himself. His knowledge and passion for television and film is extensive. Here’s a guy who can talk a mile a minute and throw dozens of deeps cuts referencing programs, actors, and performances of yesteryear and today. Hamill is a remarkable well of a content, one that many would find surprising. The actor is also a pretty prolific collector as well. Here, read his words:

I’ve been a collector all my life. This show is a natural outgrowth of that passion. Now I have an opportunity to collect other people’s collections! I can’t wait to see what’s out there and share it with the world. Collectibles are a living history of who and what we are, so we just might learn something, but there’s no doubt we’re going to have fun!

Here’s the Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest trailer from Collider:

The first episode, which debuts next week exclusively at Comic-Con HQ, follows Hamill as he heads to DC Comics headquarters with artist Jim Lee.

For those who don’t know, Comic-Con HQ is a new channel that is available at via web browsers and iOS/Android devices, Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Channels, with more to come. It’s ad-free, and will feature exclusive original series, daily entertainment news, an ever-evolving library of film & TV genre titles, sneak previews and special features from the latest and greatest franchises across comics and the popular arts

Can you imagine how insanely cool that would be to have Luke Skywalker himself drop into your crib, not only to see your collection but to talk geek with you a well?

Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest will be available starting November 15th.

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