After the credits of Deadpool, which were mostly a tribute to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, fans were given the news that Cable was going to be a part of the Deadpool sequel, a creative decision that became reality once the Merc with the Mouth crossed the three-quarters-of-a-billion dollars mark at the box office. So Cable will definitely be in Deadpool 2, and we’ve heard reports that the production had a small list of actresses that they were considering for the part of Domino, and that right there you’ve got two members of X-Force for the Deadpool sequel. As for the rest of X-Force, sources are saying that Fox wants to set them up for their first appearance in the X-Men Movie universe in Deadpool 3

According to people supposedly in the know, and who talked to The Hollywood Reporter, even though Twentieth Century Fox is scrambling to fill the empty director’s chair of Deadpool 2, they’re also looking further ahead to Deadpool 3, which will introduce the complete X-Force into the mythos, sources say. This follows up on other X-Men news today that Simon Kinberg is working on a “soft reboot” or “reconfiguration” of the series that will not involved director Bryan Singer, who may have lost some of his sheen since X-Men: Apocalypse performed both below exceptions, and below what the previous entry in the film series did both commercially and critically.

The timing is probably right for a reboot of the main X-Men series, the contracts for the cast of X-Men: First Class and its sequels have expired, and the upcoming Logan is expected to be Hugh Jackman‘s curtain call as Wolverine, which could mark the end of a cycle for the film series and thus allow it to reboot with a new cast and a new direction. In that case, Deadpool and its success would definitely be an important pillar in Fox’s plans going forward, so why not use it to introduce another potential brand in its own right like X-Force? It does raise an interesting conundrum though: Tim Miller was rumoured to be the ambitious one on the film, and Ryan Reynolds the one who wanted to stick with what worked on Deadpool by keeping it low budget with lots of laughs. Is he going to be cool with Fox playing franchise farming on Deadpool 3?

In any event, the X-Men series is at a fascinating crossroads right now. There’s been no news about the next X-Men movie yet, Gambit remains entrenched in development hell, and there’s still Josh Boone‘s New Mutants as a possible future entry. Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow was supposed to be producing a standalone X-Force adaptation, but that seems to have joined Gambit in Hollywood limbo. For the moment, all Fox has is Deadpool, so should we be surprised that they might want to exploit it? No, but are they really thinking as far ahead as Deadpool 3 when Deadpool 2 still has serious problems? That’s the real question.

We’ll have more X-News as it becomes available….

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