Shawn Levy is a busy guy these days with a new season of Stranger Things and the movie version of Uncharted on the way, but in Hollywood you’re never too busy to revisit past successes. Take Real Steel, a surprise success on the part of Levy, a touching father-son story that was written off as “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots the Movie,” which was a critical and commercial hit in 2011. Normally when a family film makes $299 million at the worldwide box office a sequel is inevitable, but five years later there’s still no Real Steel 2, so what gives? It turns out that Levy doesn’t find the idea immediately appealing.

“All I’ll say is, we’ve attempted it a few times with a number of writers, and no draft got me, Hugh [Jackman], and Steven [Spielberg] all there to a yes in the same moment,” Levy told Collider in a new interview. “It all felt like it wasn’t quite enough to promise a new story and a new movie. I have to tell you, I had a weird experience watching it tonight because on one hand it felt really good to revisit an old friend, but it also weirdly cemented my conviction that I just shouldn’t make a sequel unless I’m sure it will be better.”

Having said that though, Levy still has ideas about where a potential Real Steel sequel can go. “One area that I still would love to explore is that notion of how was Atom built?” he said. “What is it about his design that might have embedded some artificial or organic intelligence and consciousness, such that he is self-aware to some extent?”

What do you Bastards think, want to see a Real Steel 2? Feel free to post your own thoughts and opinions below.


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