Last week on Arrow, we finally saw the finale of the Tobias Church story arc. The gangster with a plan was laid out on a slab courtesy of one mystery man by the name of Prometheus. Unfortunately for Oliver, Tobias gave Prometheus the info on who The Green Arrow is without the mask. This time around, Ollie and Team Arrow will have to deal with figuring out who Prometheus is and what game plan he has in mind. With ‘So It Begins’, we enter into a new Arrow chapter and looks like it could be an interesting one.

We begin with the usual – Oliver is out scouting around doing Green Arrow stuff. He and Diggle are following up a lead on the so-far unknown Prometheus via a cell phone stolen off of Tobias Church. They think they’re walking into a trap, but what it really turns out to be is just Prometheus’ overly dramatic way of introducing himself to his nemesis.

Naturally, Oliver wants to leave the newbies out of the Prometheus hunt so that he can keep them safe until he knows a little more about what they’ll be facing. And, as usual, they don’t take to that news so well once they do find out about the Prometheus problem. As it turns out, their new baddie is running around murdering random people. So it’s up to everyone to pull together and try to find a way to stop him.

Back in the real world, Oliver is mayoring it up and trying to use the media to his advantage for once. Thea is putting together an arts festival in order to bring some light into the darkness of Starling City. And Lance looks to be off the wagon again.


To make things even more complicated, Prometheus is causing chaos among the general populace. Finally, Team Arrow uses its brain power to make a connection between Prometheus’ seemingly random victims. And that connection is Oliver’s original kill list. When the rest of the team learns about the kill list, they’re less than happy with Oliver and that, naturally, leads to another round of tension between Team Arrow and their leader.

But when it comes right down to it, they all need to work together to stop Prometheus from murdering innocent people, so they let the kill list situation rest. The potential next-victims of Prometheus all get their own personal watchers and Artemis ends up being the one lucky enough to find the baddie. A fight ensues, but, of course, Prometheus makes his escape. End round 1 of Team Arrow vs. Prometheus. Though in the end, an interesting revelation is made about the new baddie’s potential identity…

In the past, Oliver is learning new skills while working with the Bratva. Helpful skills, such as how to make a bomb. When the very person he wants to kill starts shit with the Bratva, Oliver finally gets his chance to have a little revenge. But the plan doesn’t go as planned and our hero is forced to listen to a rather wordy monologue about a turnip as his punishment.


This week was a solid entry into Arrow season 5 for a number of reasons, although it was not without its flaws. First and foremost, the scenes of Oliver’s past are getting more interesting. They allowed a few extra minutes for Ollie’s Bratva adventures this week and it paid off. There’s a good story arc going there, but trying to absorb it in 2 minute snippets each episode can get tiring. Hopefully they’ll do something similar to what they’ve done in earlier seasons and eventually give us an entire episode of Oliver’s back-story to chew on.

At first, the entire thing with Lance going back to the bottle was getting annoying. I thought they’d be repeating some of the rubbish we had to sit through with Laurel during her drugs and drinking days, but it turned out to be a little bit different this time around. His potential connection to Prometheus, while it seemed absolutely silly at first glance, could have some potential as the season moves on. If they run it as a generic red herring, I’ll be severely disappointed. I’d be just as upset if they play it out at face value with no twists and turns. But the Arrowverse is filled with mystical elements and, if the writers are clever, the Lance-Prometheus conundrum could become compelling enough to drive the season along, for at least a little while. Let’s hope they do it well.


The main thing that stood out as repetitive and annoying this week was the returning tension between Oliver and his new team. Every episode or so it seems as if they’re finding yet another reason for the team to distrust him, dislike him and want to quit altogether. And then they push it to the side and everyone starts working together again. There are wonderful feels and they all make up and life continues as usual. If this is building to some grand climax, maybe it will be worth the effort. Personally, I wish they’d just drop the entire thing and concentrate more on Team Arrow fighting against the bad guys instead of constantly doubting their involvement because their boss is – GASP – a deceitful killer. Dude’s a vigilante who puts arrows into people. Deal with it or find another job already.

So far, so good for Arrow season 5. They haven’t given me a reason to stop watching yet and there’s some potential for the show to go the whole nine yards. Can they make it to and through the mid-season slump that kills so many shows, including past seasons of Arrow? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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