The latest in Disney‘s series of live action remakes, the new Beauty and the Beast is really starting to take shape, what with all the new information being shared about it. Entertainment Weekly recently published a number of beautiful images from the film, which showcased the new incarnations of a lot of familiar faces as well as showing off the quality of CGI in the new movie. The studio itself has released a sneak peak at the live action film in the 25th anniversay special edition DVD release of the original animated movie, which was fans’ first opportunity to hear Emma Watson as Belle.

The most recent new information fans have been offered is a beautiful new poster that was Tweeted by Emma Watson less than twenty-four hours ago.

The poster shows another new version of the classic ballroom scene, as Belle and the Beast – here played by the all but unrecognisable Dan Stevens – finally begin to connect in the comfort of each others’ arms. In this incarnation, they standa lone in a beam of light with mystical flecks of light and stardust swirling in the air around them with a very Disney sense of magic in the air.

More than perhaps any of the other bits and pieces that we’ve been offered to piece together an impression of this movies before it is released, this one really throws back to the original animated classic. The light floating around them has a sense of mystery and wonder about it, oddly reminiscent of Cinderella’s glittery dress forming around her out of thin air, among many other instances of captivating Disney magic.

Let’s hope it will continue to pay tribute in all the right ways to the original while keeping its modern new style intact. The new movie will hit cinemas in March 2017.


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