The epitome of American late-night sketch comedy and variety performance since 1975, Saturday Night Live has made a reputation for itself by being current, topical and – most importantly – hilarious for over forty years. Graced by some of comedies finest writers and actors, its repertoire is already sealed in the history books of American culture and the show has not slowed for a moment in its decades on the air. This weekend’s episode boasted an appearance from none other than comedy legend Dave Chapelle and he made it his business to make sure that every viewer was reminded of his legacy.

In a sketch that drew together some of the most glowing golden moments of his comedy career with the pop culture event on everybody’s lips right now, his pièce de résistance of the episode saw a full cast of Chapelle’s Show characters return to the screen, but in the notoriously grim setting of The Walking Dead.

Taking on the already iconic scene in which Negan deals the fatal blow, Chapelle reimagines that dark moment with a twist of hilarity by putting some of his career’s most popular comedy characters at the heart of it. Tyrone Biggums, the Playa Hater’s Ball crew and Clayton Bigsby all make their comeback in the sketch. On their knees, of course not one of them is the type to beg for their life. Instead, Negan gets one hell of a sassing before he finally takes a swing…

Fans of the show and followers of Chapelle’s career over the years – not to mention the hordes of zombie enthusiasts drummed up by The Walking Dead – will find plenty to love about this sketch. And if you’ve been unfortunate enough to miss out on all three of those cornerstones of contemporary popular culture up until now, well, it’s not a bad place to start.

Atop this brilliant sketch, was Chappell’s opening monologue, which has some referring to it as “one of the greatest SNL opening monologues of all time”. Watch the hilarity/commentary below:

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