For the past four years, Stephen Amell has been the face of Arrow. Donning a mask across his eyes and a hood tugged low over his face, he takes the character of the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen into all new adventures in the live action CW adaptation of the Green Arrow comic books. Brooding, troubled and fiercely protective of the things he holds dear – his city, his family, his friends – Oliver Queen is the hero that watches over Starling City with honour in his heart and his bow and arrow always close to hand.

Today, Stephen Amell showed the world what it really means to be a hero – that it’s not the brooding, or the mysterious tragedy in the back story, or the ability to hold your own in hand-to-hand combat.

He posted a selfie on Instagram earlier today sporting a nasty purple bruise across the bridge of his nose where a stranger had assaulted him because he wanted “to fight the Green Arrow”. Amell’s response was the everything that society needs its heroes to be.

He captioned the photo:

“Dude came up to my yesterday … Head butts me hard. Outta nowhere… Then says — “I want to fight the Green Arrow.” Paused, looked at him… shook his hand and said no thank you. Because I’m a father and a husband. Pretty manly if you ask me.”

Within an hour of having been posted, the image had received over 93,000 positive responses, with people sharing their condolences that someone would assault him and praising him for the way he chose to handle the situation.

Artfully choreographed fight scenes look awesome in movies and TV shows, but it’s not exactly an accurate reflection of how to solve your problems in real life. Sometimes what makes the people we look up to in the media and popular culture so special is the heroes they can be in the real world too.


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