Check Out The New ‘Power Ranger’ Zords


While we haven’t seen the new Power Rangers Battle Zords in a clip or trailer yet, the toys (of course) have given us a first look at the new Zord incarnations. Did you have a favorite?



So there you have it, it’s the dinosaur versions from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV show, one for each ranger.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Piloted by Jason the Red Ranger
Triceratrops – Piloted by Billy the Blue Ranger
Mastodon – Piloted by Zack the Black Ranger
Sabertooth Tiger – Piloted by Trini the Yellow Ranger
Pteroadactyl – Piloted by Kimberly the Pink Ranger

As pictured above, the five will be able to form the two foot tall Megazord. Here’s a closer look at each.






Now the toys of course will differ a touch here and there, but one can see the overall look the new Zords will have on the big screen.

Power Rangers hits theater screen March 24th, 2017!

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