One of the most popular game franchises in not just Nintendo‘s repertoire but the entire history of gaming, Legend of Zelda has defined the high-fantasy adventure puzzle genre. Spanning dozens of games over the course of thirty years, the series has shown no sign of losing popularity and the generations go on. Over its now considerable life span, the franchise has inspired a television series, a number of comic books and graphic novels, board games and a live performance of the game soundtracks by symphony orchestras that toured the world. There has been no shortage of ways to indulge your Legend of Zelda love.

But if you thought that was everything the franchise had to offer, you were wrong. Very wrong. And, no, this is not about the full length feature movie that some studios have been hoping for since as early as 2007. This is better.

Defenders of the Triforce is a new real life escape room game that will be touring a number of major cities throughout the United States of America and it is entirely built around the world, characters and puzzles from the Legend of Zelda series. As part of a team of six, you are tasked with solving a mystery in the style of the original video game adventures within a set time limit.

Unlike many escape rooms, you are not locked into one confined room. Instead, you have a much larger space designed to offer a more authentically Legend of Zelda experience – which, as we all know, is set in the vast and magnificent land of Hyrule. As well as exploring the landscape and surviving its hidden threats, the experience comes complete with findable items and familiar characters.

After your set time, you are invited into a exclusive lounge to relax and bask in the joy of what you’ve just experienced, where you can take unique themed photos and buy merchandise that is not available elsewhere.

You don’t have to have any experience or knowledge of the game in order to play the escape room and cosplay is not just welcome, but encouraged.

The pop up escape room will visit San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego in the first two months of 2017, and will continue through Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago and New York throughout the year.

Whether or not it will extend to anywhere else across the continent or out to the rest of the world is yet to be seen. For now, those of us outside of the US can only hope.

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