Cisco was totally right when he said, “Ignoring the problem does not get rid of it. You’re gonna have to face it.” It applies to everything, but in particular, last night’s episode of The Flash. Titled, “Shade,” it seems that the team can’t ignore the inevitable that’s going to happen to Wally. Like a fixed point in time, it happened, and whether or not Barry tried to alter that timeline, it’s wanting to correct itself, finally leading to this scenario. No matter how hard the team tries to keep Wally from turning into his Flashpoint self, it looks like its going to happen. Their fear of what the results will be don’t go unwarranted. Just look at those before him, their either dead of have been seriously hurt in the process. Just because Wally is on team Flash doesn’t mean he’s immune to the effects of what will happen.

When this week’s episode begins, the audience get’s a cool introduction to Wally’s life as Kid Flash. It’s a mirror of Barry’s life, except that it’s Wally. Barry and Joe can’t ignore the facts, though. They know what this path is leading down towards, and they aren’t too excited about it. Their time is mostly spent fighting a force (a point in time during Flashpoint) that is trying to correct itself, and that force seems to be resisting in every way it can. Meanwhile, Caitlin is still dealing with the problem of controlling her powers and keeping them a secret. She confides in Cisco, who like the theme of the show, is compelled to tell the rest of the team when she isn’t ready for them to know. After learning of her life before Flashpoint from Barry, Caitlin is upset by the news and a rift is created between her and the team. One that will certainly carry into the next episode.

After defeating this week’s villain, the team is finally able to focus on Wally and Alchemy. Joe pulls all the strings and puts a team together to face the person giving meta-humans their powers from another timeline. It all goes well until Savitar finally makes his debut. During the fight, Wally reaches for Alchemy’s stone and is encased within a cocoon of some kind. Barry is then left being held in the air by Savitar who is ready to kill him in an instant.

As you could tell by the “villain of the week” this was going to be one of those episodes. And it looks like it was mainly serving as a setup for next week’s episode since it’s titled “Killer Frost.” With that being said, this week’s episode was still important in regards to story progression. The key points were Wally’s story as Kid Flash and Caitlin’s story as Killer Frost. Based on how the fight with Alchemy went, it looks like Wally will probably become Kid Flash, but will there be any consequences to his transformation? That was kind of the cliffhanger, and it looks like you won’t know until next week or later.

Caitlin, on the other hand, looks like she was really disappointed when Barry told her that she didn’t have any powers before the events of Flashpoint. Later, she apologized to Cisco with how she reacted during the big reveal of her powers, but something seemed a little off about it. She seems to be really developing a temper, and it appears to get the best of her since previews show that she goes into Killer Frost mode next week. Caitlin is a great character and has proven to be an important member of the team. It would be a real bummer if the show lost her to this story. Something will have to give because all of the incarnations of Killer Frost in the comics go bad. One last cling to hope is that this is television and it’s a proven fact that these shows never follow the course of what’s in the comics.

When he first came to this Earth, viewers had every right to be suspicious of HR. But this Earth-19 native definitely proved his worth in tonight’s episode. His reaction to learning what the original Wells did was priceless. But the real highlight of the night was seeing HR’s facial transmogrification device in action as well as the comedic scenes that came with it. And in case you were wondering, there’s no record of Randolf Morgan existing anywhere in the DCU. It’s safe to say that it’ll be sad to see him leave when Wells and Jesse Quick come back.

Where was Julian last night’? He isn’t helping disprove those theories about him being Alchemy. What a weird time to take a day off, but everyone has their reasons. There was certainly a moment of anticipation when Alchemy was surrounded. Of course people wanted to see if his mask would come off, but that  party was ruined when someone showed up uninvited. Speaking of which, how about that Savitar? He surely didn’t look like he normally does in the comics. Instead, fans were treated to another version of him where he looked like Megatron from Michael Bay’s Transformers. And did you notice that when Barry was chasing after him, he was significantly trailing behind his white streaks of lightning? It’s just to show how ridiculously fast Savitar must be.

Overall, it was another solid episode of The Flash. They’re really diving into the storylines of these characters and aren’t holding back. Obviously, with the focus on storytelling, the “villain of the week” theme may continue for a bit longer. Hang in there folks, with the way some things are being setup, your patience will be rewarded.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s episode titled, “Killer Frost.”

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