And now for something completely different… This site and others have been devoted to covering comic book movies in all their iterations, but while much of that focus has been on superheroes and expanded universes, something unusual sometimes slips through the development process, a comic book not about strong men and women in tights. So how about about this: a Harvey and Eisner Award-winning comic book series that Time magazine called “Lord of the Rings… but much funnier”? A black-and-white limited run series that was a hit with parents and teachers as well as kids, even being sold through Scholastic? Well Warner Bros. is lining up Bone to be its next animated hit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Osborne, who directed Kung-Fu Panda and most recently the adaptation of The Little Prince, will helm a big screen Bone for Warners. “Bone is very special and unconventional because it blends elements together that you don’t necessarily expect — soft, little comic characters and epic high-stakes fantasy adventure,” Osborne explained. “To carry this into the cinematic realm presents both an opportunity to represent what readers of all ages have loved about the series, while pushing animated storytelling into exciting and different areas.”

For those unaware, Bone is about three cousins named Fone, Phoney and Smiley who find themselves run out of their hometown Boneville and find themselves in a mysterious valley that looks like a medieval kingdom populated by humans and a host of various creatures both good and evil. The Bones befriend a human girl named Thorn and incur the wrath of the Lord of the Locusts, a dark entity that threatens the entire valley. Inspired by Moebius and Carl Banks, creator Jeff Smith based Bone on Walt Kelly’s Pogo, and was influenced by a myriad of sources from Moby Dick to Star Wars. Bone ran from 1991 to 2004, and along the way won five Eisner Awards and eight Harvey Awards including six consecutive wins from 1994-2000.

There’s no word on a release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted with all the latest developments as they occur.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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