Neil Gaiman To Produce Dimension Hopping TV Show


Legitimately legendary author Neil Gaiman harbors a dark secret. Either he has actual tiger blood, is a neutron star in a human disguise, has formed a dark pact with ancient gods or simply has an army of tousle-haired clones at his disposal. There can be no other explanations for how he can have so many projects on the go at once. There’s TV versions of American Gods and Good Omens on his plate as well as a radio version of Stardust, and that’s just for starters. Now he’s been announced as producer of a brand new Science Fiction show that intends to hop around the multiverse in an abandoned skyscraper. Good god man, it’s okay to just have a lie-in sometimes.

The show focuses on a skyscraper which has somehow become un-moored from our reality. A ragtag group of urban explorers are rooting through what they think is a regular abandoned building when they are suddenly catapulted into an alternate earth where the cold war got very, very hot. They barely have time to gather their wits and rescue some of their endangered team-mates when the building whisks them off again to yet another alternate world. What is going on? Who built the building? Will they ever see their own reality again? These are all questions that we look forward to having answered when The Building finally airs on FOX.

Deadline says the show will “explore the origin of the building, who built it and why, what happens on each floor and how, if at all possible, do they get back to their original Earth.”

The show will be an adaptation of Parallels, an independent film which gained a huge popularity on Netflix. Chris Leone directed the film, which was based on a story he wrote alongside Laura Hakom. Leone worked with Gaiman and Albert Kim, who will be showrunner, in the development stages of The Building. Gaiman will produce along with Don Murphy and Susan Montford who brought us Real Steel and Shoot ‘em Up.

As far as we’re concerned, the possibilities of a show like this are endless and the fact that Gaiman has enough faith in the project to throw his hat in the ring only makes the prospect more tantalizing. We’re anticipating some awesome hybrid baby of Quantum Leap, The Twilight Zone and Sliders. Here’s hoping the series lives up to expectations, it sounds like a veritable multiverse of fantastic storytelling possibilities.

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