You don’t even need to have seen the classic 1984 horror comedy Gremlins to know what the three basic rules are when it comes to handling the cheeky little critters. It has become such an ingrained part of western culture that you can safely assume that anyone who doens’t know it sends most of their waking time living somewhere under rocks, completely shut away from society. Don’t expose them to bright light. Don’t get them wet. And never feed them after midnight. It’s simple enough stuff, when you think about it, and there’s really no reason to break those rules – especially once you know what will happen if you do.

Except that being told not to do something, even when you know all the reasons it’s a bad idea, is the one thing that can convince you that you desperately want to do it. Even if you don’t really have much of an opportunity, there’s a chance you’ve thought once or twice about how you’d probably feed a mogwai after midnight if you got the chance. Just to see it for yourself.

And now you can finally indulge it with something all new and much more appealing that can happen when you expose the mogwai to light and water.

A new 2 LP vinyl record  of the soundtrack of the classic movie has become available on – just in time for Christmas, no less. The record set comes with some very cool features that will transport hardcore Gremlins fans right back to the first time they saw those cute little creatures become fiersome terrors.

The nostalgic cover art is interwoven with secrets that are only revealed when exposed to UV light. The disc sleeves are water sensitive and will not only survive the kind of soaking that would cause irreversable changes in real life gremlins but will reveal even more cool secret art.


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