Usually, this NerdBastard doesn’t really care if series are rebooted or not, but in this case, why won’t the studio just let The Crow franchise rest in peace? There’s been news of a reboot/re-imagining or whatever the heck it is they do these days in Hollywood with old material, but every time, just like Ghostbusters III, all that smoke just disappears once those final embers burn out. Once again, the news is that there is a reboot coming, but not from the last studio, Relativity Media, and perhaps not with the director and star already attached. Word around the Internet Water-Cooler is that a group of companies, Davis Films, Highland Film Group, and Electric Shadow have bought The Crow rights from Relativity Media and the reboot will be produced by Edward R. Pressman and Samuel Hadida. Along with this change in management comes a change in the title:

The Crow Reborn

Pressman had this to say:

I am thrilled to collaborate with this talented team and return the Crow franchise to its roots for a new generation of audiences to enjoy.

Is director Corin Hardy still on board with Jason Momoa in the leading role? Those two points are currently up in the air without confirmation. Hopefully, we’ll hear something from or about the pairs continued involvement soon. It will be interesting to see if the new bosses will be willing to pay what the old bosses have already promised the pair.

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