The rumors, or wishes depending on your perception have come true! John Wick co-director David Leitch has signed on to the center chair for Deadpool II. (It’s hard not to add something to that title.. like Deadpool II: If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow, If It’s Brown, Flush It Down.) It’s hard to imagine a better fit, unless Miller had stayed on, but with his departure over differences in the film’s direction, David Leitch is a good fit. John Wick was exactly what Ryan Reynolds and Fox seem determined to bring through in the second Deadpool movie, low-budget, high action, fantastic humor.deadpoolshocked

Word is that Leitch met with Ryan Reynolds in New York and was offered the job soon after. The two must have hit it off, Leitch just wrapped filming The Coldest City, a Cold War thriller starring Charlize Theron, so he will be ready to step right in when Deadpool II starts filming soon.

While it was earlier thought Deadpool II would start filming in January of 2017, unless Leitch is able to quickly get on board the production, it might be shifted back a month or two. When we know when, you’ll know.

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